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Google Calendar Client

Display events from multiple Google Calendars and display them on your PC.

Google Calendar Quick Add

Quickly create events in your Google Calendar by typing the description in natural language

No Screen Saver utility

Prevent your screensaver from locking your screen, and prevent your computer from entering the idle state by programatically simulating user interactions.

GetColor Color Picker

Get the color values of any pixel on your screen.

Clipboard Wizard utility

Remove extra formatting during copy and paste operations.

Remap Shortcut Updater

Remove extra formatting during copy and paste operations.

Set Wallpaper utility

Set the desktop wallpaper of your Microsoft Windows system to a plain blue color and display information about your system.

Google Translate Client

Easyly and effortlessly translate text in any application using Google Translation.

Cyrillic Character Transliteration

Easily convert between Latin and Cyrillic characters.

Simple SiteMap Editor

Quickly edit the content of sitemap.xml files or create new sitemap files.

Universal Character Transliteration

Quickly convert unicode character sets to or from a variety of different languages and Characters.

Image Thumbnail Generator

Quickly and easily generate thumbnails for your photos.

Remove Trailing Spaces

Remove Trailing Spaces for each line of any plaintext files.

Google Glass Utility for Windows

Quickly and easily create new Timeline items for Google Glass using the Windows Utility or the Command Line tool.
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