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Google Glass Utility for Windows

Quickly and easily create new Timeline items for Google Glass using the Windows Utility or the Command Line tool.


This application allows Google Glass* users to create a new Timeline item by using the Windows Utility or the Command Line tool.
*Google Glass™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

This glassware has not yet been reviewed by Google.

This application will allow you add new Timeline items to your Google Glass by using either a Windows GUI, or a command line interface. This proof of concept implementation is limited to TEXT items only for now, HTML and image uploads will be available in the near future. Comments and potential application ideas for Google Glass are welcome!

This application uses the Google OAuth authentication, your username and password are not stored anywhere on your computer. Once you allow this application to be able to manage your Glass timeline, you can create new items directly from the application, without having to open a web browser every time. Allowing this access does not give the application access to any of your other timeline items other applications have created.

Requirements: Windows 7/Windows 10/Windows Vista/Windows XP/Windows 2013/Windows 2008/Windows 2000.

CATEGORY: Calendar & Time Management Software
SIZE: 1.1M
Price: FREE ($0.00)

Please note: The use of this BETA software is subject to quotas imposed by Google, and subject to be discontinued at any time without notice. This build will expire on June 30, 2014.


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How to use

This is a “Green” application...it does not need to be installed. After you download the executable (GoogleGlass_x64.exe or the 32­bit GoogleGlass.exe), just run it. It should run fine on all Windows versions, from XP to 8. Internet Explorer must be installed on your system for the initial authorization to be registered.
After you run the program, all you will see is the application window on the right-hand side of your Taskbar.

Google Glass Utility for Windows

The main interface is extremely simple. Checking the “Start with Windows” checkbox will allow this application to auto-start every time you start your computer. Unchecking the checkbox will disable this feature.

The FIRST time you add a Timeline item, you will be asked to authenticate to Google and allow this application to manage your Glass timeline. Please follow the requested steps.

Images can also be added by typing or pasting the path of the image file (no URL, the image has to be present on your system). You can also select the image by using the selection button, or you can also drag the image and drop it anywhere on the application window. Valid image types are *.jpg;*.jpeg;*.png;*.bmp;*.gif;*.tif;*.tiff. If the image selected is too large, the uploaded image will be reduced so that it is viewable on Glass, which has a resolution of 640x360.

Google and allow this application to manage your Glass timeline

The Text field is required, a timeline item will not be created if that field is empty. The Image field is optional.

Once the proper information has been added, click “Add Timeline” or press Return, and a new TimeLine item will be created. Check the status bar on the bottom of the main window for updates as your request is being submitted to the Google services.

The Timeline items created will have the following settings:
  • The text you typed will be viewable
  • The default notification will apply
  • You will be able to Pin and Unpin the item
  • You will be able to Delete the item
  • You will be able to have Glass read aloud the text you typed
  • The image you selected (if you selected one) will be the background of the Item

The Command line interface is also very straightforward. You can run GoogleGlassCmd_x64.exe or the 32­bit GoogleGlassCmd.exe from anywhere on your system.

The only restriction is that you MUST use the GUI at least once to go through the Google authorization process before you can use the command line tool. Otherwise, you will receive the following error:

Google and allow this application to manage your Glass timeline

The text you want to include on the new Timeline item must be passed as a parameter. The entire text will be included, no need to add quotes around it.

A successful request will return the Timeline item ID in the success message.

Google and allow this application to manage your Glass timeline